How to Make an Income on the Road!

Time, location and financial freedom are what we gain being able to work from our phones anywhere in the country, or WORLD!

Here is a list of businesses I run with tips on how you can be successful in each!

I have also created this Facebook group where I share any remote work and affiliate marketing opportunities I find as well as tips on how to make money from your phone/on the road! –

When traveling I do targetted ads and post in local facebook groups with my work and rates to get clients through out the country! I also share in the campground chats that I’m at.
I offer photography lessons and coaching as well -

Travel Agent –
I am a travel agent booking dream vacations! I also mentor and help others start and grow their Travel agent business! You don’t have to travel to do this!
The link above gives you more details about what this business entails!

Brand partnerships/monetized socials –
I have monetized my socials whether through ads, creator programs like with tiktok or brand partnerships sharing products. I will only partner with brands I believe in and feel would be a good fit for the community of people who follow my pages.

Affiliate Marketing-
I share products using reels (find trending sounds and relate it to the product youre sharing or just talk about the product!) and make a commission from each purchase. I only become an affiliate with products I personally use and love!
This can be with amazon (though they require you to have a specific follower amount) here are some brands that allow affiliates with any follower amount- – This is a health company that sells probiotics, collagen and purple tea (which helps with burning fat and boosts metabolism naturally)
This is a high end plants ONLY natural skin care company that I use and love. They have an empty bottle 190 day money back guarantee and give their affiliates 35% commission!
This is another all natural company that sells deet free all natural bug spray that ACTUALLY works, kids probiotics, natural sleep aids and focus supplements and so much more! They’re a great company and also give 35% commission to their affiliates!

Social Media Marketing manager –
I have been in social media marketing in one way or another for the past 12 years. I run and operate multiple social media platforms for other brands to grow their socials and get more sales reaching the right audience.

Business coach-
I do offer calls to help you discover your niche, how to use social media to your advantage for advertising and monetizing, and help with starting up your own business. I also go more in depth about each of these career paths if one of them interests you. Some also use this service to get a very in depth conversation about how to start RV life as well! If you found any of this useful but would like more direction feel free to book a coaching call with me!

Other places to search for work-
UpWorks is a great app to find freelance work (ONLY accept jobs from posts that show they’ve paid others in the past, it usually shows under the listing) – they post remote job offers weekly and most are along the 9-5 outline.
For RV jobs you can check out to find jobs that pay hourly and give free or discounted campsites if you’d like to work at a campground.

Book a call for me for help getting started with your business or to learn more about how to run any business from your phone or using social media! –

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