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The Back Yard!

A Micro Post I love love LOVE that our back yard changes! From mountains to beaches, to little creeks tucked in the woods, lakes, oceans and rivers! We’ve have been talking a lot about where we would ever settle (whenever we’re ready) and honestly, we are so spoiled by this lifestyle that we’re having aContinue reading “The Back Yard!”

Romance on the Road

“How do you guys keep the romance alive living in an rv?” We get asked this often! To be honest the romance has been so much better since living in an RV! The thing is that we have to be intentional, you HAVE to learn your spouses love language, and have constant communication. We findContinue reading “Romance on the Road”

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

“Is she in pain?”
“Does she need the prosthetic tail to swim all the time?”
He was very intrigued and said how much he loves Winter and wished he could live there. Then he said it, making me aware of what he saw.

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