Become a Travel Agent!

💻 The YouTube link is about 5 minutes but goes over EVERYTHING super clear so it’s a good one to watch then we can chat more and see if this is a good fit for you!

✈️ Traveling is a 8 trillion dollar industry! And GROWING! Like fast! 💨

💰 There is commission built into EVERY freaking booking ALREADY by resorts, cruises, hotels, car rentals, etc. That commission is how website like Expedia and Travelocity get paid🤯

By booking for yourself and others(if you want), on other sites designated for travel agents, YOU get the commissions, not the website!

I’m an independent travel agent with Inteletravel ❤️25+ years in business A+ BBB rating.

🌴I work with various booking sites like Disney, Carnival, Funjet, Apple vacations, Royal Caribbean, etc to book vacations for others for commission.

I earn $100s-$1000s on every trip I book for clients, I kid you not🤯

💴 I have access to exclusive agent discounts to save $1000s on my own travel!!

💥 50% off Disney ticket 🎫
💥 $1000s off Caribbean
💥 $10 carnival cruises & free princess cruise

💲Crazy discounts!!
You either get an agent discount or you make commission off your own vacations!!
You will NEVER pay full price again! ✈️

❌No quotas
❌No requirements to book. Some people join simply for discounts, some to earn an income, some want both!

Get paid to help people plan what they are already doing…TRAVELING!✈️

🗓️ There’s a 30 day money 💴 back guarantee on start up costs if you jump in & decide it’s not for you!

There is a 1 year profit guarantee also 🤩
You either make in commissions or save in personal travel more then you spend being an agent- or you can get a full refund!

Let me know if you have any questions!!

Next steps to becoming a travel agent

Signing up for both AGENT and SPONSOR allows you to book your own trips, book trips for others, and make a commission off of helping other people become travel agents as well!

You earn a commission for referring others and mentoring them as agents, this is NOT required to become a travel agent but is an added revenue for income if you’re passionate about helping others with their travel business like I am!

You do not HAVE to do both, you can choose to just be an agent, but I chose to do both so I can mentor others and help them become Travel agents!

Make a BUSINESS EMAIL on yahoo, Google, etc. it will be used solely for your business. (Trust me, you want to create a separate email because a LOT will come in with new deals, people booking vacations, and just updates)

If you choose to be a sponsor Click this link

Then you are going to scroll to YOUR BUSINESS. Click to enroll now, enroll now again , then enroll now one last time. This is the SPONSOR/REP side of the business it’s $19.99 to sign up and then $19.99 per month.

You do not need the app

Once you are signed up for the Sponsor side (if you want to be a sponsor) –

NOW you are going to sign in to the website to sign up for the agent side.

To sign up as Travel Agent ONLY

You can do JUST this part and not become a sponsor as well!

Click the link below and at the top right select “enroll bow” scroll down to where it says “the travel business” under “about us” then select purchase now to become a travel agent!

Scroll down on your virtual office and click the ORANGE button that says ” PURCHASE YOUR ITA NOW”

Sign up for the AGENT side there. It’s $179 to sign up, then $39.99 a month. This covers your insurance (in case someone tries to get a refund from their trip etc) your website and access to all of the preferred booking partners!

Once complete send me your business email so I can send the WELCOME LETTERS to get you started on your training.



Once you’ve signed up fill out this contact form so I can add you to my Facebook group where you can ask other agents questions and learn all about being a travel agent!



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