Romance on the Road

“How do you guys keep the romance alive living in an rv?”

We get asked this often! To be honest the romance has been so much better since living in an RV!

The thing is that we have to be intentional, you HAVE to learn your spouses love language, and have constant communication.

We find moments in the day where we are wrapped up in each others presence. The kids are running around playing and we intentionally make average moments a time to pour love into one another.

Making lunch together.

Holding hands

Showing appreciation

Flirting with each other!

Anything you can think of, we make sure that in any free space of our days we fill it with time together. Then when we start to crave extra alone time we have to be even more intentional! Putting the kids to bed early to go sit under the stars with a fire & laughter, or sit at the ocean.

We cook dinners together, play games together, and worship together. We get as creative as possible but the end goal is to always communicate to one another how wanted and loved each other are.

A simple touch of the hand or small gift, a special act of love just to show that we notice each other and we’re happy thaat they’re there.

I love the time that we get together in this life; I actually get to spend time with my best friend! The one who always knows how to make me laugh, the one I really love doing life with! We had to completely get to know each other on a much deeper level once moving into an RV, and it was the best thing for our marriage!

Marriage isn’t supposed to be living in constant irritation with your spouse. Marriage can be FUN and even better than dating, in fact it SHOULD be!

Life can get stressful, and its ok to feel that, but in our life, we had to learn not to respond to our circumstances negatively (I still have to work on that at times), and to roll with the punches because you’re doing life TOGETHER hand in hand as a team! I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤ his wins are mine and visa versa!

I know the question on everyone’s mind is : How do you have “adult” time in an rv?

…. Let me just say having a washer helps to not raise any suspicion, an awesome tripod stabilizer & again getting creative! Moving into an rv doesnt mean the end of your “fun time” it quite possibly could be just the start!

What are some creative date nights you’ve come up with?

2 thoughts on “Romance on the Road

  1. Howdy from the gypsies in Texas. Let me introduce you to our family. I’m Frank , my wife of 39 years, Crystal. We have 3 fur babies. Dixie (lab 11 yrs) Isabelle (dauschund 11yrs) and Millie (dauschund 4rs).
    We have been stuck at our home based rv park in Dayton, Texas, due to cost of diesel. Just started traveling more now. Currently we are in Rockport,Tx, enjoying the life with some good friends who has done the same thing. He moves around with the job he is working for. What we do is not a vacation, it’s an adventure, lol 😂. More later.

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